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Careers @ YFAI

When I first came to APDS, I was totally stunned. All those people made me feel right at home in the unit – not like the young, inexperienced student that I am, but like a valued member of the team.

Vincent Brosch, Apprentice in Bachelor of Arts program HR

I joined Yanfeng Automotive Interiors as a trainee when the plant started up. Following a number of promotions, I am now Prototype & Development Manager, visiting many of our customers all over the world.

Gyozo Laszlo Sule, Prototype & Development Manager

I never had to look for a new employer to take the next step in my career. Over the course of 35 years, I have worked in the tool shop, operations, program management, sales and as business unit lead as well as running the service parts business.

Klaus Schneider, General Manager in the Daimler CBU

Daily business @ YFAI

New Yanfeng Automotive Interiors Automotive Business Center

Learn more about our openings at our Automotive Video: Bratislava Business Center in Bratislava, Slovakia. The environment will be fast-paced, exciting and challenging.

Our production plant in Pápa, Hungary – the inside story

Watch what is happening inside our production plant in Pápa, Hungary. Let our colleagues tell you about their daily life at this exciting location.

Projects @ YFAI

Since establishing Yanfeng Automotive Interiors over a year ago, we have launched over 230 new programs! This is quite an achievement when integrating several systems, processes and cultures simultaneously.

Sheila Sarver, Vice President of Program Management

Anyone from HR would tell you the same: company = people. Behind every “green” number, turnover increase, innovation, advance, there are always people. And we managed to hire the best people in our plant Plana nad Luznici in Czech Republic.

Gabriela Jerabkova, HR Manager

For our first global program customers were based all over the world. We had to understand their needs and targets, to ensure a smooth communication and overcome time differences as well as different cultures. We achieved milestones and our customer’s target.

Jin Minhua, Senior Project Assistant