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We share a common vision

Set your career in Motion

A diverse, global team

We respect and understand diverse cultures. We encourage cross-cultural communication. We value open-mindedness and attach importance to deepening mutual understanding and leveraging diversity. Cross-cultural lectures, seminars and activities at Yanfeng Automotive Interiors locations all over the world bring the vital importance of cultural exchange home to everyone at all levels throughout the company.

Global success stories

My job is becoming more and more reliant on international cooperation. After more than six months of liaising with other regions, I truly appreciate the value of teamwork.

Bao Hong, Senior Buyer

In 1 year we created the central staffing team with 8 specialists supporting the EU region, starting with employer branding through consultancy to staffing.

Juraj Lovas, Central Staffing Manager

We come together to support customers and in-house teams. Our community shows that – together, as a team – there is nothing we can’t accomplish.

Dale Chamberlain, Manager of Engineering
Young Professionals Network (YPN)

The YPN provides opportunities to grow professionally and personally. Combining the energy of the YPN with the depth of experience at the company adds up to success for YFAI. The YPN focuses on cross-functional networking to build relationships throughout our business.

Focus areas: Commerce, Career, Culture, Community

Our mission

To integrate and develop new talent into the Yanfeng organization while implementing innovative ideas and practices that will benefit our global YFAI community.

Our vision

We are a group of young professionals within Yanfeng, eager to grow our professional and personal skillset to provide added value to the culture and business of our organization.

Our goals

We will work together to share experiences and create oppertunities to:

  • develop employees
  • build relationships between YF and local comminities
  • drive continuous improvement and innovation
  • collaborate cross-functionally
  • provide visibility in the company
  • be the best resource for new talent
Team Rally objectives

Team Rally is a continuous improvement program aimed at recognizing our people’s ongoing, daily efforts to raise the bar at our company.

The program helps us to share best practices in a wide range of areas, including quality, timing, product delivery, customer satisfaction, employee engagement, growth, costs and productivity. Qualifying rallies at local and regional level see participating teams document and showcase their continuous improvement (CI) methods in the form of creative presentations. The regional winners from around the world progress to the Yanfeng Automotive Interiors Global Team Rally, which is staged at a different international location each year.

Team Rally Objective


employees for their success at local, regional and global levels


employees with a world-class experience worthy of their achievements


knowledge and ideas during and after Team Rally